Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pioneer Woman Strawberry Sparkle Cake

Yesterday my grandbabies spent the day and night with me. They are still here this morning, playing angry birds on my iPhone. They are mesmerized.  We made (yes made) an angel food cake yesterday. My first angel food cake. Ever. It isn't bad at all and was much easier to make than I thought. The recipe can be found on and is called Strawberry Sparkle Cake. Search the cooking section, it comes up with step by step instructions. Read it all the way through before you start. Easy!

Like my Fiesta cake plate? I do!! The finished product looks wonderful on it!!

The pictures of the cake on the website look much better than mine but it still tastes very good!

Homemade angel food cake after it cooled

Slice off part of the top and set it aside, then dig a trench and place strawberry filling in the trench and replace the top. 

whip cream with a little powdered sugar and use as frosting then top with strawberries


Tobi says it is 1000% good!

Bubba just likes it

To make the strawberry filling, take a small box of strawberry jello and add the hot water as called for, stir and dissolve completely. Then instead of cold water or ice, take one package frozen sliced strawberries and place in jello. Stir until well coated, jello with thicken as it sits. Don't thaw the strawberries or use fresh at this point. You need the frozen berries to gel the jello. You won't use all of it. 

Yummy. My babies got it right!

I love all y'all!❤️
To be continued............

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